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30 years experience in the logistics industry

Southwest Logistics

An MC Authority Provider

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About Southwest Logistics

What makes SOUTHWEST LOGISTICS different?

I have been involved in the transportation industry for almost 30 years. In my experience I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. I have seen the corruption surrounding the transportation industry and how owner operators have regularly been taken advantage of. I always knew there must be a better way, so after much research and development I devised a business model that turns the industry norm upside down. Southwest Logistics is taking a different approach by offering owner operators an affordable opportunity to lower their operating cost dramatically while also giving them the freedom to be able to work for any shipper and haul any loads that pays them the highest rates the industry has to offer.

Another key difference we have developed here at Southwest Logistics is our knowledgeable and helpful sales representatives. Along with increased profits for our owner operators Southwest Logistics pays the highest commissions to its sales representatives in the industry, in fact we are the only logistics company with a network of national sales representatives ready to help owner operators become more profitable. It is our belief that a business entity cannot be considered successful unless all parties benefit financially and grow professionally.

Lease with Southwest Logistics to enjoy the Freedom to operate at the lowest cost

Services offered through our Affiliated Company

Absolute Trucking Solutions

  • Start-up
  • DOT
  • Operating Authority
  • Motor Carrier
  • IFTA
  • Compliance
  • Drug Program
  • Audit Assistance
  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance Assistance

Contact: Christina Fontenette

Office: (702) 843-0577 ext. 702

Southwest Logistics is committed to helping owner/operators have the Freedom to choose the loads most profitable at the lowest cost

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What Southwest Logistics offers to its owner operators

1. Southwest Logistics has suspended the $2,000 deposit for new owner operators. We decided to do this to help alleviate some of the financial pressures the rising fuel and operating costs have put on the owner operators’ bottom line.

2. Southwest Logistics charges the low price of only 10 percent of gross weekly income per truck leased to us giving them the opportunity to have the freedom to work for any shipper of their choice.

3. Southwest Logistics takes care of the billing of loads completed, monitoring of freight transportation to help ensure that we are giving the highest standards of service in the industry. When Southwest Logistics receives funds for loads completed our staff will deduct our fee of 10% and electronically forward payment to the owner operators account.

4. Southwest Logistics believes this straightforward approach with no hidden costs is a refreshing way of doing business in the transportation industry and offers a much more predictable income for our owner operators.

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